Commercial Drone Services

Professional services using drone technology are available from the IRBA base in Wellington. Our experienced UAV pilot has worked with clients from many industries, on projects ranging from small scale residential site mapping to complex geotechnical investigations.

As the scope and versatility of drone technology becomes apparent, the list of uses is rapidly expanding. Businesses look to improve or replace inefficient processes and drones can make this possible.

Drones have excellent accessibility, data capture is non-invasive and the results are available within hours. It is a cost effective method for aerial perspective that provides a tremendous amount of data and detail.

Drone mapping software takes a series of individual images and matches the common points between them. The more common points that can be matched, the higher the accuracy of the map. It can be used to make 2D orthomosaic maps as well as 3D models.


Aerial Mapping & 3D Images are available.

Results of a project can be delivered in a variety of formats.

Output includes:

  • Raw photography and video

  • Point clouds, digital surface models, orthomosaic images

  • 3D mesh imagery or video

  • Model animation video

  • Written reports


We offer services to a range of industries:

Agriculture, Forestry, Construction & Engineering, Environmental, Inspections and Mining.